The HOBY NY East Seminar is planned and executed by a dedicated staff of volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure a successful program.

Amanda Walshjamin

Leadership Seminar Chair/2000 Alumna

Christopher Urban

Director of Operations and Facilities / 2003 Alumnus

Amber Arnold

Director of Operations

Bradley Cech

Director of Program/2012 Alumnus

Ryan McCormick

Director of Staff

Robert Clancy

CLeW Coordinator

John Swartwout

Cooperating Organizations Liaison

Cody Ingraham

Alumni Adviser

Allison Casertino

Director of Fundraising/2014 Alumna

Connor Douglas

Director of Public Relations/2014 Alumni

Joseph Jamin


Makaila Maier

Committee Member at Large

Sarah Hovick

Committee Member at Large/2007 Alumna

Erin Kennedy

Committee Member At Large/2008 alumna

Ashley McNally

Committee Member At Large/1998 alumna

Terrance McNally

Committee Member at Large

Shelley Laviana

Committee Member At Large

Eric Clark

Committee Member at Large

Meghan Myers

Committee Member at Large