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Registering for the World Leadership Congress
The link to the WLC Ambassador (Student) application and registration information.

Advanced Leadership Academy Registration
Register a junior or senior for the Advanced Leadership Academy

Student Registration
Register a sophomore for the NY East Leadership Seminar

HOBY Volunteer Application
HOBY has a number of volunteer positions available for all skills and interests. Visit this link to apply and learn more about our volunteer positions.

HOBY Online (Volunteers Portal)
HOBY National's Secure Volunteer Resource Area

HOBY Alumni Portal (Service Hours Logging)
HOBY alumni you can use this portal to: Update your alumni profile and contact information; Log and keep track of your service hours and Learn more about alumni opportunities

Seminar Site Map
These are the locations around Silver Bay that will be used by the HOBY New York East Seminar. The goal of this map is to help parents to navigate around the seminar locations.

Futures Kits/Life with HOBY PDF
HOBY Futures Kit for ambassadors and new alumni

HOBY New York
Information about all (4) HOBY New York seminars.

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