Alumni Association Leadership Positions

President- As President of the Alumni Association you are to keep open lines of communication with all HOBY Alumni and Staff. You are to bring new ideas to the group and help facilitate the work of the Area Clubs in order for them to accomplish their goals. You are to organize and run Alumni Association Meetings. Your primary job is to mentor the Area Club presidents and keep alumni enthusiastic about the activities and events. Must be a second year alum or older.

Vice President- As Vice President you work with the President and all other Alumni Officers to organize projects and events, help the president come up with new ideas, and assist with mentoring the Area Club Presidents. You should be encouraging alumni participation with projects. Must be a first year alum.

Secretary- As Secretary you keep minutes from all E-Board Meetings, and after the meetings you should type the minutes and send them to the Alumni Advisor so they can be distributed.  You keep track of what is going on in each area and help come up with new ideas. You will work closely with the Public Relations officer to develop content for advertising, etc. and with the Alumni Advisor to create Alumni Association reports. All alumni are eligible.

Public Relations- Your role is to advertise! Make flyers for events and send them to the Alumni Advisor for approval and distribution. Contact outside vendors to get fundraisers set up. You work with the Director of Public Relations for the Planning Committee to make sure social media and other venues are being used to advertise for events in order for maximum turnout at events. All alumni are eligible.

Area Club President– The main purpose of the Area Club president it to keep alumni in their respective area active. You keep communication lines between yourself and the E-Board open in order to complete projects and get new ideas. You will be the bridge between the E-Board and the alumni from your area and, as such, you will be responsible for keeping them informed and involved.  With your area club, you plan and do service projects and social events.  Once elected it is recommended that you recruit a group of alumni to assist you (perhaps as a mini-board). All alumni are eligible.

Leadership Team

President: Archisha Kancha
Vice President: Ariel Yarmus
Secretary: India Buff
Public Relations: Vacant
Service Chair: Meghana Bhupati

Area Presidents

Area 1A
President: Jasmine Zoha
Vice President: Dmitri Bakatsias
Area 1B
President: Antonella Lombardo
Vice President: Vacant
Area 2
Area 3
President: Grace Bartels
Vice President: Skylar Rowe
Secretary: Elizabeth Baldwin
Area 4
Area 5
President: Isabella Hart (Write In)
Secretary: Emma Townsend
Area 6