HOBY NY East 2016-17 Planning Committee

  • Leadership Seminar Chair: Erin Dorozynski
  • Co-Director of Operations and Facilities: Sarah Hovick and Christopher Urban
  • Director of Staff: Cara Sherwood
  • Treasurer: Eric Clark
  • Co-Directors of Program: Ashley McNally and Amanda Walshjamin
  • Director of Fundraising:  Terrance McNally
  • Director of Recruitment: Meghan Medwid
  • Cooperating Organizations Liaison: John Swartwout
  • Co-Alumni Advisors: Maggie Shields and Elissa Prout
  • Director of CLEWs: Mike Perry
  • Director of Public Relations and Social Media: Cara Sherwood
  • Committee Members At-Large: Robert Clancy, Shelley Laviana, Geoffrey Sherwood


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