Programs Offered By HOBY New York East

3-Day Leadership Seminar

A core aspect of our leadership development program is our three day leadership seminar. Over the course of the extended weekend we aim to teach the students how to think, not what to think. By the conclusion of the seminar we strive to have inspired each attendee to improve and impact their community.

The program is designed to develop the students’ existing talents, nurture and discover their leadership potential, and challenge them to expand their comfort zone. Our curriculum is well rounded focusing on personal leadership, group leadership, and leadership for our society. The activities are interactive, engaging, and collaborative. Team work is stressed as an important skill for a successful leader to possess.

Each year, over 220 students enroll in our regional program. We welcome you – or a student you know – to be one of them.

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The Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW)

The Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) is a one-day introductory HOBY leadership training for high school freshmen. CLeWs provide face-to-face interaction between freshmen students and distinguished leaders from all walks of life. Students participate in team-building activities, take part in community service projects, and listen to presentations given by motivational speakers and local community leaders. CLeWs are initiated and organized by HOBY’s own alumni and/or members of the community, and are sponsored by local service clubs or companies. High schools are invited directly by the planning committees to select freshmen students to attend. The number of schools and students invited to participate in a given CLeW is determined by the committee.

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World Leadership Congress

HOBY’s World Leadership Congress is designed to allow students to discover their own personal leadership potential while becoming responsible and responsive global citizens.

Participating students have the opportunity to engage with thought-leaders in a wide variety of fields. They also participate in hands-on leadership learning and activities in addition to service opportunities throughout the week. After the week long program, students leave inspired and motivated to articulate and accomplish their goals as well as make positive changes in their local and global community.

The 2018 WLC will be held July 21-28 at Loyola University Chicago in Chicago, IL, USA. There is an optional Post-WLC Tour of Chicago available to students who wish to stay on and see the sights of Chicago at the conclusion of the program. The dates for the tour are July 28-July 30, 2018.

HOBY strives to provide the WLC leadership development opportunity to as many students as possible. For information about becoming a sponsor of HOBY’s WLC, please call HOBY’s International Department at 818-851-3980 or email

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HOBY Advanced Leadership Academy

HOBY’s Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA or the Academy) is a new program for any U.S. or Canadian high school junior or senior (ages 16-18 at the time of the program).  Students are not required to have participated in other HOBY programming to be eligible to participate in the Academy.

Currently the ALA program is on hold and will not occur in 2018.

Through the HOBY Advanced Leadership Academy, participants will:

  • Understand the seven dimensions of the Social Change Model of Leadership and how they work together to accomplish the eighth dimension, change
  • Use a skills inventory to identify and understand their own entrepreneurial strengths and capabilities;
  • Create an action plan to lead a service project or social enterprise in their home communities; and
  • Meet new people and establish an ongoing network of other leaders and social entrepreneurs.

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HOBY International Programs

International Service Program

2018 Albert Schweitzer’s Leadership for Life Conference
July 21-29, 2018
Dublin, Ireland
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