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2013 2014 HOBY NYE Alumni E-Board Announced

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Thank you to all who participated in this year’s HOBY NYE E-Board elections!

We had an almost unprecedented amount of involvement in the election process this year and are happy to announce that all of the positions are filled.  I now present your 2013-2014 E-Board:

E-Board President: Bradley Cech

E-Board Vice President: Anum Hussain

Secretary: Taylor Robinson

E-Board PR: Caitlyn Hunt

Area 1 President: Crae Wilkins

Area 2 President: Justin Montione

Area 3 President: Ryan McCormick

Area 4 President: Sadie Ann Lincourt

Area 5 President: Tennyson T Bardwell

Area 6 President: Allison St. Louis

 Congratulations to our new E-Board we look forward to seeing what you do and thank you again to all who participated!!