Corporate Board

      John Swartwout, Corporate Board President 
      Melissa Maxwell, Vice President
      Barbara Bianchi, Secretary
      Ron Vero, Treasurer
      Mike Perry, Director of CLeWs
      Shelley Laviana, At-Large Director
      Amber Przybysz, At-Large Director
      Robert Clancy, At-Large Director
      Colleen Weibel, At-Large Director

HOBY NY Central Representatives

      R.J. Thayer, NY-Central, Leadership Seminar Chair
      Jimmy Johnson, NY-Central, Leadership Seminar Chair
      Andrew Matteson, NY-Central, Alumni Adivsor
      Lauren Workman, NY-Central, Site Board Member

HOBY NY Metro Representatives

      Daniele Baierlein, Leadership Seminar Chair   
      Elias Geoghan, Alumni Advisor
      Tulsi Patel, Site Director
      Ireisha Vaughn, Site Director

HOBY NY East Representatives

      Amanda Walshjamin, NY-East, Leadership Seminar Chair
      Sarah Hovick, NY-East, Leadership Seminar Chair
      Cody Ingraham, NY-East, Alumni Advisor
      Marc Billow, NY-East, Site Director

HOBY NY West Representatives

      Anthony Falvo, HOBY NY West, Leadership Seminar Chair
      Barbara Bianchi, HOBY NY West, Leadership Seminar Chair
      Christina Mortellaro, HOBY NY West, Alumni Advisor
      Christian Bryant, HOBY NY West, Site Representative

The objectives of the Corporation shall be to ensure all Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership programs within NY State are planned, organized and run in accordance with the goals, policies and guidelines of HOBY International, provided such purpose is accomplished in a charitable manner, pursuant to the terms and subject to the limitations specified in HOBY International’s charter.