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Since its inception, the New York State HOBY Leadership Seminars have been funded completely by business, individual, and civic sponsorship. We hope to enlarge our community support by involving a greater number of organizations in both the sponsorship of, and direct participation in, our local seminars. Growth in community involvement is the key to maintaining the success and vitality of our New York State Leadership Seminars. Localized funding enables organizations to become directly involved with the stimulation of area youth. And by expanding community support, we are able to bring the benefits of the program to more students. We urge you to become our ally in this mission.

Corporate Information
New York Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership
John Swartwout
Corporate Board President

Seminar Costs
Our goal for each local seminar is to support the participation of approximately 800 students throughout New York State, along with adult volunteer staff, junior counselors and program directors. All attendees will be invited at no cost. The total expense of the three-day seminar is $350.00 per person, and our total annual statewide budget is approximately $200,000.

Donation Information (Financial Contributions)
Financial contributions are critical to the continued vitality of the New York State Leadership Seminars. As in the past, we expect that businesses, cooperating organizations and foundations will share in this type of support. Companies are encouraged to sponsor groups of student participants, which may be selected to represent their geographic area, or to sponsor a meal, or an activity during the seminar weekend. Foundations and businesses each typically sponsor 5-10 Ambassadors from the region at large. Cooperating organizations are encouraged to sponsor the individual students from their area high schools. The sponsorship fee is $200.00 per student. For details on the cost of meal and event sponsorship, please contact your local seminar site directly. To find out how to make your financial contribution, simply write and indicate your level of sponsorship.

All sponsoring organizations will receive recognition in the local Seminar program books and in the proposal for sponsorship of next year’s seminar. Major sponsors of $500.00 or more are generally permitted to display banners and/or other materials through out the weekend at the local seminar.

Tax-Exempt Status
Programs of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership are organized by the Organization and funded through contributions from corporations, foundations and individuals. Gifts to the Organization are tax deductible under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.  The Leadership Seminar is a program coordinated by the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminars of New York, Inc., a nonprofit organization, and is exempt from federal taxes under section 501(c) 94-2974611. This organization is also registered with the State of New York, Secretary of State, as a charitable organization.

All HOBY leadership seminars are staffed entirely by volunteers. The New York State HOBY Leadership Seminar Committees consist of civic-minded individuals who support the goals of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and give their time and talent to make this learning experience possible. The professional backgrounds of the committee members are diverse, and several members are past HOBY Ambassadors. If you are interested in volunteering for your local seminar, please use our Contact Form, select your local site, and reach out to that site with your interest in volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunities
To get involved complete the annual volunteer application at It only takes five minutes to get started on the path to making the world a better place through HOBY. Needed areas are facilitators, panelists, programming staff, operations staff, fundraisers, and board of directors. Or, if you’d like to make a gift or financial contribution to HOBY New York East, please email

HOBY NY Bylaws
HOBY New York Bylaw Update

HOBY Facts

Empower: HOBY has guided more than 375,000 youth leaders since 1958

Lead: Approximately 400 students from around the world participate annually in HOBY’s World Leadership Congress (WLC)

Excel: More than 4,000 volunteers annually contribute one million hours of service

2017-2018 HOBY New York Corporate Officers

  • Corporate Board President:  John Swartwout
  • Corporate Board Vice-President: Melissa Maxwell
  • Past President: Shelley Laviana
  • Treasurer: Ron Vero
  • Director of CLEWs: Mike Perry
  • Secretary: Barbara Bianci
  • Director: Shelley Laviana
  • Director: Amber Przybysz
  • Director: Coleen Weibel
  • Director: Amanda Walshjamin
  • Director: Emily Ciraolo
  • Director: Robert Clancy
  • Director: Felicia Rynkowski
  • Seminar Co-Chair (NYC): R.J. Mattimore
  • Seminar Co-Chair (NYC): Tim Rapczynski
  • Seminar Co-Chair (NYE): Erin Dorozynski
  • Seminar Co-Chair (NYE): Sarah Hovick
  • Seminar Chair (NYM/Long Island): Daniele Baierlein
  • Seminar Co-Chair (NYW): Anthony Falvo
  • Seminar Co-Chair (NYW): Julie Williams
  • Alumni Advisor (NYC): Andrew Matteson
  • Alumni Co-Advisor (NYE): Elissa Prout
  • Alumni Co-Advisor (NYE): Maggie Shields
  • Alumni Advisor (NYM/Long Island): Vacant
  • Alumni Advisor (NYW): Christina Mortellaro
  • Site Board Member (NYC): Leigh McEntire
  • Site Board Member (NYM/Long Island): Tulsi Patel
  • Site Board Member (NYM/Long Island): Ireisha Vaughn
  • Site Board Member (NYW): Christian Bryant

(Note: NYC = New York Central; NYE = New York East; NYM = New York Metro; NYW = New York West)


HOBY Volunteer Training Institute

Each summer, HOBY conducts a Training Institute (TI), gathering its key volunteer leaders from across the nation. Volunteers learn and exchange ideas on best practices in program management and development, youth leadership training, fundraising, recruitment, marketing and more. The participants return to their home sites and resume their responsibilities with renewed enthusiasm and vision, and further train their site’s volunteers.

All Training Institutes are organized with the collaboration of the volunteers themselves, who serve on the planning committee, as workshop trainers and as TI Chairpersons.

2017 TI Chairperson: Michael Forst, Alabama

The 2017 Training Institute (TI) for HOBY volunteers will be held in Birmingham, AL from Thursday, August 10 to Sunday, August 13. Registration will open in June.

Learn more about TI by downloading the TI Advance Booklet (PDF) – coming in June.

See more about TI here.


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